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About Me

Danielle Smith (she/her) is an Oakland-based multidisciplinary hip-hop artist and educator from “the 216,” better known as Cleveland, Ohio. Her credits include being a 2023 BASE Resident through PUSH Dance Company, a 2022 HART resident with Zaccho Dance Theatre, and backup dancing for local drag artists and afro beats artists throughout the Bay Area.

Danielle has a passion for using movement as a tool to build community and start conversations on various social justice issues. Whether through her performances or dance workshops, she loves finding ways to connect with her students and fellow dancers that go beyond a simple, "plié." Danielle first began crafting her dance style and artistic voice after graduating with a B.A. in dance and social justice from the University of San Francisco in 2018. Her choreography--which is often a mixture of hip hop, afro-beats, stepping, and contemporary dance-- has been presented nationwide since 2019. Currently, Danielle dances for PUSH Dance Company in San Francisco.
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