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My Work

A work-in-progress showcase for the 2022 Hip Hop Artist Residency Program through PUSH Dance.This piece speaks to Black Womxns experiences navigating the healthcare system.

I'm Tired


I'm Tired is a miniature work that explores the frustrations that are felt when another Black person is found dead at the hands of white supremacy.  #sayhisname #amhaudarbery
 #sayhername #breonnataylor


In Re_Membering the Body we explore mediums of communicating diversity in identity and complex social ordering by creating a collaborative 10-12 minute composition in music and dance. 

Breathe My Black is a devised multidisciplinary investigation into breath or lack thereof as a Black student navigating the world of the Performing Arts and Social Justice Department at the University of San Francisco and the world at large in the face of racism, anti-blackness, and communal trauma.

Homage to Women celebrates the diversity and resilience of women. 

Under the artistic direction of Amie Dowling as a PASJ majors at the time, our cohort collaborated with men inside of SF Jail #5 (San Bruno Complex), in which we produced and performed a dance-theater film piece to discuss cultural capitol, recidivism, and systematic racism.


Arts Education


In 2020, the world shut down in the face of COVID-19. As a dance educator at the time, I felt it was important to offer my students the space to process the trauma and change we had to adapt to. I partnered with the school's therapist and art teacher to create Mindfulness and the Arts. This lesson was on gratitude and how remembering what we are thankful for can help us face challenges we face. 

Online Zumba


Due to COVID-19, Zumba classes have looked different. This is an example of a pre-recorded Zumba Kids class that I offered during quarantine. I also offered online classes during this time.

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