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My Work

A dance exploration of the brilliance, trauma, and emotional coping strategies Black women inherit and develop to survive. Through choreographic and sociological research– along with improvisation and creative play– this piece asks its participants to physicalize the intersectionality of being a Black woman who experiences complex emotions, while also hiding those emotions for the sake of preservation. Audiences will be challenged by questions such as: How does your body hold your personal story? Who gets to hear that story? And what does it mean for your shadows to simultaneously haunt and sustain you? 

A work-in-progress showcase for the 2022 Hip Hop Artist Residency Program through PUSH Dance.This piece speaks to Black Womxns experiences navigating the healthcare system.

Premiering at Stoneleigh Burnham, Homage to Women celebrates the diversity and resilience of women. 

Under the artistic direction of Amie Dowling as a PASJ majors at the time, our cohort collaborated with men inside of SF Jail #5 (San Bruno Complex), in which we produced and performed a dance-theater film piece to discuss cultural capitol, recidivism, and systematic racism.


Arts Education


Since beginning teaching in 2018, I have loved finding ways to connect with my students that go beyond a simple, "plié." I first began crafting my dance style and artistic voice after graduating with a B.A. in dance and social justice from the University of San Francisco.


When instructing students in my dance style--which is often a mixture of hip hop, afro-beats, stepping, and contemporary dance-- it is important to offer my students the space to process physically and mentally the physiological connection movement can have with bodily history. 

Classes and workshops meet students where they are while challenging them to grow beyond that point in their movement journey.  

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